Sunday, November 27, 2005

The House of What?

Non-representational art has always come easy to me. Since ever I was quite young I've liked the paintings of de Kooning, Jackson Pollack, and especially Kandinsky.

Our household will probably never be able to afford original artworks by any of those painters, but we do have some things like this painting, but by different elephant artists, for example. We also have things done by actual humans who are not even close relatives of ours.

Good and enjoyable art doesn't have to represent anything. It can be like music.

This aesthetic, however, does not at all apply in American politics.

I hereby proclaim that we call the House of Representative the House of Abstract Expressionists, especially in light of recent polls. Like this Harris survey taken a week or so ago.

This scientifically-conducted poll taken by one of this world's premier pollsters concludes that 63% of the Americans who were asked favor pulling our troops out of Iraq in the coming year.

Well, somebody, like Becca maybe, should set this winger straight:

"Congratulations to House Republicans and Arizona Rep. J.D. Hayworth for finally standing up and making the anti-war Democrats put up or shut up.

On Nov. 18, the Republicans forced the House to vote on a bill that simply said it is the consensus of the House that we immediately remove our troops from Iraq. It was very plain to see on C-SPAN that the Democrats were hopping mad to be forced to choose between their rhetoric and what is best for the country. They wanted this as an issue and did not really want a real solution, but the final vote was 403-3 to keep our troops in Iraq."


That is just so pitiful. Poor thing.

Hey, wait there just a dog-gone minute. Becca already did straighten out this issue, and in the same exact newspaper in which this guy had his letter printed, but hers was up the day before!


"To be accurate, the 403-3 votes were based on a wholly irresponsible and blatantly partisan GOP reinterpretation of Rep. John Murtha's remarks. That it came to such a shattering defeat says more about the GOP's ability to rewrite the views of Democrats in their own image than it does about the Democrats' ideas."


I guess the guy must have missed that.

He probably misses a lot of things. Like reality.

Anyways, a 403-3 vote. Sheesh. Just who are these people representing? I don't think they are "representing" anything. Certainly not the 63% of Americans who are currently maintaining their sanity.

Paintbrush-wielding elephants would be more responsive to the current political leanings of the American citizenry than either our own House or the people who write the loopy pro-Iraq-war letters to newspapers.


Lizzy said...

Now you have me thinking...The House of Idiot Savants.

Nice post!

and I like your Artwork.

Anonymous said...

You wrote:
...the people who write the loopy pro-Iraq-war letters to newspapers...

More folks should be writing anit-Iraq-war letters to the Arizona Republic(an). The more they get, the harder it will be to listen to the idiots and ignore the will of the people.

Eli Blake said...

Paintbrush-wielding elephants would be more responsive

But, Ted...

That IS what we have running things in Washington. And they have a ton of whitewash they are using up.

Your choice of words is truly ironic.


True, but I know I've written dozens of anti-Iraq war letters to the Republic and other papers, and I've had maybe two get published.

You're right, or course, but I also know that a lot of people get frustrated about this as well.

I do have a subscription to the Republican which I can cancel with a sharply worded comment, but that is a bomb I can only drop once, so I don't want to use it until/unless they really do something egregious.

dorsano said...

Mr. Zink is going to be surprised when he hears that The White House has an Iraq withdrawal plan remarkably similar to the Democratic plan.

It seems that Senate Republicans are Pushing for a Plan on Ending the War in Iraq

The Republican Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee John Warner said he decided to take the Democratic proposal and edit it to his satisfaction in an effort to find common ground between the parties on the issue.

The DNC has some links here.

Goddam Liberal said...

Good for Becca, but I have to say it was a blunder for Nancy Pelosi to tell House Dems to stand alongside rethugs and vote down their crude strawman resolution, thereby legitimizing the whole cheap political stunt. They should have abstained and marched out of the chamber en masse to protest Murtha's resolution being arbitrarily dismissed and replaced by a caricature.

- No More Mr. Nice Guy!

Eli Blake said...

whoops, I didn't pay attention to whose blog I was visiting at the time. Sorry, Shrimplate.

But your image of paintbrush wielding elephants seems to fit the whole 'cover up' Republican administration so well.

Becca said...

Hey there. I want some sort of royalties for printing my LTTE. :-)

And BTW, I'm not leaving AZ after all. I just found out today.

Perhaps I'll have to attend the next "Drinking Liberally" event.