Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Cat in Catholic

This is an image from the most wonderful and ancient Book of Kells, which is probably about a thousand years old. It appears to show a mouse gnawing on a communion wafer. Hence the importance of church cats.

Friday, September 24, 2010

A Dole of Doves

Sisyphus did not push the boulder up the hill over and over. He did not have reconciliatory thoughts as he padded his way down the slope. Sisyphus did not suffer endless monotonous back-breaking toil.

Because he did not exist.

You, however, do.

I am making a sauce. I will not put too many things in it.

Dogs, generally speaking having four legs, love to walk. They jump and skitter about when we go for their leashes. Not so the cats.

What does it mean, really, to finish? I am not trying to be obtuse. I just do not understand the term.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sam Phillips

Baby I Can't Please You

Songs like these are just too good.

Hopefully, not too good for you.

Search for them.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Wisp of Snipe

A cat may look at a king. A particularly human-like cat may look at a mouse and think it a king.

I heard it explained this way: The singer was offering praises to his woman in long melismatic and rhythmically flexible melodic lines. The guitars and drums were percolating away. People danced. But the talking drum, that was literally another story, for it was saying to the singer's woman that the singer had been sleeping with her sister.

The criminalist dusted the crime scene and obtained fingerprint specimens. He then ran these through the computer system that catalogues the prints of other individuals. He finds that there is a match. The prints are those of god. However, fingerprints that match those of Mozart are also found on the scene, making certain conclusions impossible.

The warm desert air is perfect for drying clothes, and the smell of sheets dried out-of-doors is just wonderful. Jeans are stiff when you pull them down off the line but then they soften and cleave to your legs when you put them on.

How many times have you genuinely looked as hard as you could, yet you just couldn't see it? You may have nodded in agreement anyways. You wanted to remain friends. In fact, you are quite the "friendster."

Fiordiligi and Dorabella think they are going to marry Albanians! What a joke. Cosi fan Tutte.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

For Eve Who Found the Grace to Fall From Adam (MacLeish)

She was found down somewhere out on the edges. Parts of this megalopolis abut reservation. The highway divides the sprawl from the wispy and scrawny rural fields and widely-separated dilapidated shacks.

They beat her up pretty good. She had a cervical collar on until Neuro-Surg cleared her. Lacerations above the eye and it was swollen shut. I cleansed that area very gently and put some anti-bacterial ointment on it. Nurse K. from the night shift told me that she had pushed a little harder and she could feel the pulpy fragmented orbital bones just beneath the rough laceration.

She reeked of alcohol. Nurse K. couldn't get a history from her. I had better luck during the day as she woke up a little bit. Thinking that she was an alcoholic, the docs had me scoring her for withdrawal. I didn't really see any evidence of that.

She said she had been homeless for two months because her boyfriend stole her truck and kicked her out. She also said that she ran out of her medications, listing Tegretol, Seroquel (which she spelled for me on a scrap of paper,) and Haldol. She took them "to help stop the voices." She had a job at an auto-upholstery shop on the south side. She also said that she only drank occasionally, although to excess, again to "stop the voices."

Don't we all.

Trauma and Plastics were on her case, and we added Neuro, Psych, and a Medicalist to help. Good. The more the better.

The Plastics surgeon did a great job on her but it left her looking rather strange. He shaved the front portion of her hair to expose the scalp, then cut from ear-to-ear over the top of her head. That way he could peel her forehead skin down to work on her crushed-up orbital bones underneath. When her hair grows back she will appear as if nothing had happened to her.

Initially she came out with a mummy-wrap dressing around her head. Yes, we get this stuff all the time on our thoracic telemetry unit. When the Plastics doctor came by the next day he removed the dressing and wrote orders to just put ointment on the staple line. She also had a bulb drain sticking out of the right side of her head. A fourteen-inch tube about an eighth of an inch in diameter, leading to a grenade-sized clear-plastic bulb which, when compressed, applied a little suction to the line and drew bloody drainage from her head to reduce swelling. It fit into the pocket of her hospital gown.

"Well," said the Plastics guy, "I'm all done and she can go home. Just have her see me on Friday."

She doesn't have a home.

She doesn't have her medications.

Fucking A she didn't even have any clothes.

I had asked her about that. She had no family to call, and the nearest thing she had to a home was the downtown shelter. Being a schizophrenic, she had varying unsubstantial stories about how she obtained her medications. She told me she got them from "somebody."

I did not want to discharge her to a shelter with a fucking drain sticking out of her head and a row of coronal staples openly exposed, though she promised me that "would not let any germs get in there."

I desperately called the medicalist and since it was getting late anyways, Case Management wouldn't have time to help us arrange things for her discharge.

"Don't hurry," the patient said to me.

The thing aboiut being a hospital nurse is that you never have the time to hurry.

We finagled her another night in the hospital despite that all the teams had already signed off on her. She kept thanking me.

It's one thing if it were you or me. We could sit home and watch Law & Order reruns and take quite good care of our drains and incisions ourselves. But this was a schizophrenic under-medicated street person with no family ties. Imagine if you were walking down the street and you saw this woman coming at you from other way with a drain sticking out of her head.

Imagine what you might say to her.


Having a nice day?