Friday, September 24, 2010

A Dole of Doves

Sisyphus did not push the boulder up the hill over and over. He did not have reconciliatory thoughts as he padded his way down the slope. Sisyphus did not suffer endless monotonous back-breaking toil.

Because he did not exist.

You, however, do.

I am making a sauce. I will not put too many things in it.

Dogs, generally speaking having four legs, love to walk. They jump and skitter about when we go for their leashes. Not so the cats.

What does it mean, really, to finish? I am not trying to be obtuse. I just do not understand the term.


Friend said...

There is no finishing. There is only awakening. And then keeping awake, hence the tale of Sisyphus.

wunelle said...

I cannot improve on Friend's comment.

But I occasionally jump and skitter at the prospect of a walk.

shrimplate said...

Sisyphus never slept.