Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Dudley Don't-Right

From his early business failures with Arbusto and Harkin, through his scandalous leap-frog admission to the Texas Air National Guard in which he protected the southwestern skies from Vietcong attack, to his failure to show up for a Guard required physical, on through his driving-while-intoxicated incidents, up to his Florida vote-counting fiasco, then his failure to protect our country from terrorist attacks even though he was expressly warned of just such hijackings, he has throughout these passings always been regularly rescued by powerful friends.

Now that he has assumed the most powerful political position in the world, he has no more friends who are more powerful than himself, and no one to rescue him from the jams in which he has put himself and our once-noble country.

I've said it before but I find myself saying it again: as an untreated alcoholic, he will worsen and escalate without required intervention. But as he has little, if any, insight into his problems, there will be no intervention, unless we the people remove him from power and see to it that he is properly institutionalized.

There is no other effective treatment for him.

He has imprisoned American citizens without due process of the law. He has trashed duly-made foreign treaties which by the Constitution are the law of our land. He has spied upon the private communications of Americans without regard for Constitutional protections and without warrant.

He has failed to protect out citizens on home soil from terrorist attacks, and he has failed to protect our servicepeople abroad from a difficult insurgency; an insurgency that he himself had a hand in creating, as it did not exist before he foolishly declared war on a weak and hardly threatening third-world secular dictatorship.

(I heard a kool-aid drinker on a radio call-in show a day or so ago who decried that "Saddam fired upon our planes that were enforcing the Iraq no-fly zones." And just how many of those planes were hit by this fire?


Our planes bombed Iraq radar and anti-aircraft positions almost weekly, and never suffered from an Iraq strike. Some threat, that.)

He has failed to guard the economic surpluses built up by his competent predecessor, instead creating a deficit greater than the world has ever seen.

He failed to prevent the drowning of New Orleans, after failing to appoint even a remotely-qualified person to direct the agency that was supposed to manage such emergencies. The nation watched on television as the bodies floated by in the floodwaters and he himself clumsily held a supporter's guitar. He can't even do that right.

His failures continue to escalate. The brakes are off.

So what next?

More failures, more escalation, more disregard for our treasured Constitution.

Where will it end? Nuclear war? A total economic collapse? Martial law and the suspension of future elections?

These are this man's trajectories.

Who will come to the rescue?

Happy holidays!


Eli Blake said...

He has the reverse Midas Touch: Everything the man touches turns to feces. Thank God that he failed to get his hands on Social Security.

Lizzy said...


I fear he has worsen.

And dicky pulling the Potemkin crap, really got to me.

And now we have a 6 month extension on the Patriot Act.

I am going to plant bananas.

Anonymous said...

granted its a small issue, but Ihave truly treasured hearing how his religious right buddues are besides themselves because the White House Christmas cards said "season's greetings", not, "Merry Christmas" on them...

Of course, I'm actually kind of surprised they did...

Lizzy said...


Just wanted to stop by and wish you a merry and festive Holiday.

Light a candle for freedom,
light a candle for peace,
light a candle for learning,
light a candle for honest democracy
light a candle for those who have not food or home
light a candle for the bruised beauty and waining bounty of our over used planet
light a candle for those hunted and harried for having a different belief
light a frigging bonfire to give light to the great power that is in the dark.

[why not? I hears its a season for miracles and hope.]

The Other One said...

I am not entirely sure what it is going to take. I do fear, however, that your current trajectory predictions will ALL have to come to pass before the masses finally say enough of this nonsense...