Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Open Letter to Candidate McCain

Dear Senator McCain,

For the sake of this letter, I am assuming that presidential elections are indeed held in the late Fall of 2008 and you are sworn in as President the following January.

Your presidency, assuming this comes about, will have no chance of ever succeeding.

Because of your fellow Republicans, you will inherit at least two hopeless wars without end. Iraq and Afghanistan are both quagmires. The national debt will continue to slowly twist the life out of the American economy, and the gradual depletion of the world's oil reserves will force hardships upon America that your party has both denied, on the one hand, and hastened, on the other.

Your Republican friends, such as Rick Santorum, will continue the K-Street corruption that infests your party, while regular Americans call out for healthcare, jobs, and debt relief. You will be able to provide none of that.

After a while you might not even want to.

President Bush and his ruinous policies towards the people who fight in our armed services will by then have caused a turnaround in their political orientation, and soldiers will no longer respect your office. Why should they? You will not be able to provide an answer for them. If you could, you would have done so already. But you haven't.

Global warming, the proliferation of crude nuclear weapons, and wildly morphing infectious disease-causing organisms will continue to sap America's energies and because of your fellow Republicans, we will have few allies left in the world to help us.

There will really only be one main question for history to answer regarding your presidency: Will its failure be bad enough to bring down the whole world, or only the United States of America?


Thank you for your time and consideration,


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Lizzy said...


That was an excellent letter to McCain.

I will work very hard to see that his buddy, old Joe Momentum does not get placed on the Dem ballot in Nov. in Ct.

and if you get a chance, stop for cake. It is a beautiful cake.