Wednesday, April 12, 2006

What Can VooDoo

Sure, many of us live within walking distance of local grocery stores and such. Or within a bike ride to get to work.

"Ervin Goodall, 56, a professional driver pumping supreme grade into his large sedan, was paying $3.29 a gallon.

"It's lot higher than last year, a bigger hit," said Goodall, who added that when it comes to personal driving he's scaling back: no more Saturday day trips."

The modern era of cheap fuel will not be saved from eventual certain oblivion even if a few of us make the ultimate sacrifice of cutting back on Saturday fun drives.

From this article on today's front page. The price of gas is creeping upwards, but drivers are not really cutting back. After all, how can they? Especially in the sea of tract-home suburbia we have lately created for ourselves? We have spent half a century developing a lifestyle that requires we must first drive in order to do anything.

It's like what Tracey Walter says as "Miller" in Repo Man: The more you drive, the less intelligent you are.

As applied to entire societies; well, yes.

Will the suburbs be abandoned and lapse back into fields of roses and local produce? Will the central core of city buildings grow tall and shady, filled with people who pedal to their jobs? How much will that really accomplish anyways?

Yes, I can walk to Basha's, but the avocados cannot. Nor can the coffee beans and the half & half.

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