Friday, August 11, 2006

Nice Shoes

There are many technologically backwards countries on this planet, countries with poor leadership to boot. Literally. Those countries with oil reserves might actually, at least for a little while more, have something worth defending militarily, but other countries may just be run by politicians that are belligerent towards "American interests."

There are about 18-and-a-half million Syrians and I personally do not know any of them. Neither does this guy, I'll bet. That much we have in common. Not a lot, yet so much, ironically. Sigh.

He's worried that "they," who he lumps in together with 67 million Iranians and 24 million North Koreans, will glass him in some kind of religious end-times battle which he specifically refers to as "Armageddon."

"At the rate we are going, we will pussyfoot around until Iran, North Korea and Syria decide they can win an Armageddon. They want nuclear weapons, and I think we should give them some: airmail, special delivery. Real shock and awe."

So in a nutshell, he advocates the nuclear genocide of about 100 million people.

This guy has a lot of enemies. Well, that's one possibility. Another consideration would be that he's insanely paranoid.

Here's another juicy little thing he has to offer:

(Snip) "Unfortunately, a large liberal contingent says we must fight our enemies in such a way that no one can win."

The Arizona Republic editorial board deems this worthy of printing, perhaps as a warning to his neighbors to keep their children inside when he's out and about.

A phat 62% of us, that is to say, fellow American citizens, don't like the way this "war" is going, and that's down from 66%. Large liberal contingent? Feh. That 62% includes the middle no matter how you slice it.

But our goofy media pundits, ever diligent in their fluffing of our mad king, have apparently been successful in painting the vast majority of the political center as "liberal extremists."

The middle majority is the leftist extreme. The far-right extreme is the the bipartisan middle; you know, like Lieberman on Fox News. Yes, it's nuts, but that's what it's come to.

This is what you do, as a way of demonstrating the appropriateness of this media characterization of the politics of typical American voters:

Before you leave home to go off to wherever today, pull your pants down over your head, tie your belt around your ankles, cover your groin and butt-crack (forget the undies) with your Keds and well, just skip the shirt. It'll keep the story simple.

Et Voila! Your costume now parallels the way the media wishes to present your politics. Good luck at work. Then again, your boss probably dresses the same way. Like the letter writer quoted above.


Birdy said...

"win an armageddon"?? lol It bugs me so much when language is not used with care and precision. Just shows that this guy doesn't know himself what he's trying to say.

Seven Star Hand said...

Understanding the Fatal Flaws in Judeo-Christian-Islamic Prophecy

Hello Shrimplate and all,

As certain world leaders strive to instigate a fabricated "battle of Armageddon," it is vital to understand and spread the truth about these ancient texts to help bring about an end to such abominable evil.

You can never expect philosophies based on lies and great error to lead to peace and harmony. How many more millennia of terrible proof is necessary before humanity finally gets a clue that most have been utterly deceived by the very concept of religion.

Remember the saying that "the truth will set you (and others) free?" How does "opening one's eyes to the truth" relate to "making the blind see again" or "shining the light" or "illuminating a subject?" Notice the inherent symbolism associated with this supposed New Testament "miracle?"

Pay close attention, profundity knocks at the door, listen for the key. Be Aware! Scoffing causes blindness...

Here's the key to proving that the rapture and related expectations are complete nonsense based on the failure to understand (and the purposeful confounding of) the ancient Hebrew symbology used to construct all of these prophecies. Consequently, Christian timelines and interpretations of these prophecies are verifiably wrong on many key points.

Did you ever consider that Christianity is the False Prophet symbolized in the Apocalypse, that Rome (Vatican/Papacy) is the so-called anti-messiah, and Jesus Christ is the false messiah? I have produced stunning and comprehensive proof that this is the true interpretation of pivotal prophecies long confounded by Christianity's founders and leaders. Recasting the symbolism of earlier Hebrew texts as literal events in the New Testament is one of the central deceptions associated with Christianity.

The symbolism of seven years (tribulation, etc.) refers to seven 360-year cycles on the Hebrew calendar. Ezekiel 39.9 is referring to the 10th to 16th cycles inclusive, while the Apocalypse symbolizes the 11th cycle (second temple period) until now, the beginning of the 17th cycle (seventh angel/star/seal, etc.). Greece (Alexander the Great) conquered the Persian Empire and Judea during the 10th cycle and Rome did so again during the 11th cycle. Both Ezekiel and the Apocalypse are symbolizing an overlapping period of time that starts during ancient Judea and ends now. Gog refers to Greco-Romans (...from the "isles"), which means Magog is Eurasia and the "army" that besets "Israel" for seven "years" refers to the activities of the nations of the Greco-Roman/Vatican Empire over the previous two-plus millennia.

It is completely wrong to interpret any of these prophecies as literal timelines and events. Unlike Christian assertions, they symbolize long periods of time, pivotal situations, and the flow of activities during that period. Remember, they were written by ancient Hebrew sages, not Romans or other Europeans, and Revelation is the most symbolic of all prophecies. Consequently, in this context, "years" and "times" are symbols for 360-year cycles on the Hebrew calendar and days symbolize literal years. Therefore "Judgement Day," "Great Day" and "in that day" all refer to a literal year-long period. Accordingly, the so-called "Seven Years Tribulation" began in ancient Judea and is now nearing its end, not starting. The nations and followers of all three faiths of Abraham have been thoroughly deceived by Rome during the previous age, which ended in year 2000 (5760). A new age began in 2001 (5761) and now the seventh angel has begun to sound!

Read the full article below:

Here is Wisdom


shrimplate said...

As my old college house-mate once said:

"Everyone must drink their own tea."

Eli Blake said...

This would be an interesting bit of armageddon, given that North Korea considers a person who practices any religion (including Islam) mentally diseased and sends them to a labor camp, while Iran considers failure to attend mosque and pray (as a strict atheistic communist would do) worthy of a public flogging.

Yet the reader apparently thinks these nations will come together on armageddon.

What I wonder is this: If we nuke Syria, Iran and North Korea until they are parking lots, what should we do about the fallout? Of course, our own troops in Iraq would be exposed to heavy levels of fallout if we nuked Syria, along with everyone else in Iraq, the same could be said about Afghanistan (along with Pakistan, India and most of southern Asia) if we did the same to Iran, while a nuclear annihilation of North Korea would similarly drench Japan with fallout (a country where the number of people who have died from leukemia and other diseases since we dropped only two small nukes is in the tens of thousands). And ultimately the atmospheric circulation would blow it all over the planet (certainly all over the northern hemisphere), in much higher volume than that which was collected as data by Linus Pauling when he persuaded the leaders of the Soviet Union and the United States to sign the atmospheric test ban treaty in 1962.

On the whole I am glad that mental health care has advanced to the point where it is vanishingly rare to put anyone in a straightjacket and lock them in a padded cell anymore. But then, there are times when I wonder whether it was prudent to throw away all of the straightjackets...

Eli Blake said...

And yes, shrimplate, I suspect you do have a lot in common with the letter writer.

You're both male humanoids, have a liver, a stomach and a spleen, and you both live in Arizona.

The main difference is that you have one brain and one heart in addition to one liver, one stomach and one spleen, while the writer comes equipped with one liver, one stomach and three spleens.