Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Up to What

Very busy lately. Worked five twelves in a week and that's a lot for me, but maybe just average for Disappearing John.

I have somehow slipped into a pattern of explaining my behavior, in many social situations, in political terms. We were at the water park and I had inadvertently allowed my elbow to get into the personal space around a young adult woman's face. I was in line with my crew and she was sitting in proximity.

I apologized when I turned, saw her, and realized that I had nearly backed into her. She laughed it off.

"Sorry!" I said, adding "I'd never stick my elbow in somebody's face purposefully. I'm a Democrat," and she laughed again.

Now, whenever I do something sort of nice, or even just normal, I am going to say out loud that I did so because I am not a Republican, I am a progressive Democrat.


That settles it.

Even though it should be obvious to everyone.

Sheesh. Just listen to Coulter, Savage Wiener, Limbaugh, or any of them. They are uniformly rude. There's no excuse for this really. Thin-skinned, too, like when Coulter goes off crying when the chips fall the other way. Sorr-ree.

I don't bring up these political things at work so overtly. Some people have even asked me "what are you?" as I keep my political identity under simple wraps. Not that I have to. The crowd around me at work all carry water for these friends of Arnold.

As Carol Anne said, "They're here."

Young Heather O'Rourke oddly died of septic shock while she was very young, and that is very sad. I did not know this until I wrote this post.

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Anonymous said...

Actually, I have backed of the 5 and 6 12 hours weeks... I am averaging one extra shift every other week.. but I appreciate the thought..

Hmmm... I 'll have to think about the "Sorry, I wouldn't do that, I'm a Democrat" line...

For the most part, I am too, but I kind of think I am more the "anti-republican"