Sunday, November 12, 2006


Some time back there was much snickering going on regarding Bill Clinton being seen publically with George H.W. Bush. A lot of people on the left side of the blogosphere, if I recall correctly, weren't exactly sure what Bubba was up to.

"Bush Sr.’s motivations for helping his son are none too mysterious. But what about Bill Clinton? Why did he accept this offer?" So asked a BuzzFlash guest writer.

This really started to sink into the media in the aftermath of the the tsunami that devastated areas of 11 Indian Ocean nations. President Bush had pledged a ridiculously low really embarrassing amount of money to recovery and his father and Clinton probably had some voice in shaming Bush to commit more.

My spouse, cleverly and I think quite observantly, suggested that this was an example of the technique of triangulation. Clinton had used similar strategies during his tenure as president to distract and separate his numerous political opponents. By associating himself with Bush Senior now, he's put Bush at the odd point on the triangle.

This makes for an interesting frame. Of course it puts Bush at the usual odds against Clinton and all he represents. But by working with Daddy Bush, Clinton has also set many Republicans against the younger president and his irresponsible policies.

The psychological set-up is also bloody hell for Bush, framing him in irresistable Oedipal conundrums. The adults, Clinton and Daddy, are now to be seen in an interesting over-dog position as regards the lame president. Indeed, daddy now has sent men to rescue little Georgie again. Again.

I think this was a rather brilliant move on Clinton's part.

Naturally I am no big fan of the senior Bush, and I think very little of the people who served in his administration. I doubt Clinton is carrying water for any of them, though; this is just a wonderfully cynical ploy to exploit media imagery, deep frames, and psychology, all at the political expense of the worst president ever. Clinton is really kicking Bush in the teeth while he's down, all the while appearing as a conciliatory elder statesman willing to cross the aisle and work with Republican father-figures.

It's political genius. So good, I have to believe it's deliberate. Let us continue to watch this.


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