Saturday, October 06, 2007

Dead Lesbians Tell No Tales

Both the Boston Herald and the Patriot Ledger have carried stories about the awful and most-likely criminal death of Clara Durkin.

"The Quincy soldier mysteriously slain by a bullet to the head on a secure Afghanistan airbase feared something might happen to her after discovering “something she didn’t like,” her devastated family revealed.

Massachusetts National Guard Spc. Clara Durkin, 30, was found with a single gunshot wound to her head behind a building at Bagram Airbase on Sept. 27."

While home on a visit she told family members that in her position working at the base finance unit she'd seen and reported some things which gave her concern. Now she's dead. You do the math.

Of course the military has stalled and even changed their story already, at first claiming that she was "killed in action." Behind a building on a secure base. Sure. That's the ticket... Now they're saying it will be weeks or months before autopsy results are available. Maybe by then they will also have found Kennedy's brain.

Oh, and she was a lesbian. Will I be surprised when that is used to smear her and provide the media with enough red herrings to divert entire networks? No.

Will freaks like Limbaugh try to push and shove public opinion about her death away from her murderer(s) and onto the victim herself? Yes.

Would powerful and corrupt people kill others to steal money? Yes.

I want her story. I want to know what she witnessed that was so interesting that they killed her to shut her up. I want the people responsible to be publically shown for what they are, and then imprisoned for the rest of their lives.

I wish you peace, Clara.

But for the rest of us there is a great deal of work to be done on your behalf. Thanks, bartcop.

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Ruth said...

Something this blatant makes me ever more sure that the public has lost control of the government it's supposed to be served by. Okay, I heard that "d'oh". But we have to regain our standing and that's going to take the kind of attention you call for. Also the kind of reporting you're doing here.