Thursday, March 27, 2008

Assuring the Doom

Is this the rope with which they will eventually hang themselves?

What is the relative value of a closed mind?

This is child abuse.


wunelle said...

My wife is the head of the Theatre Department for our little local college, and she did The Laramie Project a couple years ago.

Sure enough, these Fred Phelps nutcase hate-mongers were out in force protesting a thing they knew nothing about (in addition to a couple campus "conservatives" who felt that to tell Matthew Shepard's story was to promote an abomination--I can't find a way not to really hate Republicans).

It's strange, this sliding scale of religious belief that spans from an ignorant caveman awe to benign desire for personal safety and good will to this toxic lunatic delusional manure-spreader. These poisonous maladjusts you show are over the line of every sane person's boundary of decency, but not nearly so far over the line for most people as I would place them.

I'm intrigued at this.

(And you're right: it's absolutely child abuse.)

GingerJar said...

Hi, haven't visited your site in awhile. To go along with the "child abuse" should check out the Yahoo new's article today about a couple of religious fanatic's who, although unaffiliated with any organized religion...tryed to "pray" their child well, instead of going to an Emergency Room when she fell into a coma (child age 12). She died of undiagnosed diabetic ketoacidosis...and the mother thinks she did the "right" thing! Insanity!

may said...

i am speechless at this. it is beyond me, how people who believe in God can paint such a wrong image of Him. as a believer, i am embarassed.

Dirk Gently said...

It's hard to think of anyone more despicable than Fred and his followers, and it tears my heart out to see their children raised in the cesspool of their mindless hate. My daughter was a friend of Lauren Burk, the girl who was murdered at Auburn U this year, and these monsters showed up at the funeral service. It's hard to even envision the evil that drives them.

Claudia Overstreet said...

i've come across your blog when googling info on sylvia plath and assia wevill. i love your style, attitudes, political views, photographs, shrimp, and of course, syvvie.

great minds do think alike.

kudos. tons of kudos.


Amy said...

I love it...
The irony that these people think my family is going to hell and that LT and I are unfit to be Mothers does not escape me.
And people think Kidlet's "I Love My Moms" T-shirt is "political"!