Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Lamentations of Jeremiah

Let's have the names of those people who torture in our name. Put them on Nine Wives for prime-time interviews. Broadcast video of their accomplishments. Let's see it.

If you are a nurse on the job and a patient (not a confused, demented, or otherwise unresponsible one) hits you, report it to your manager and hospital security. Then call the police to file charges. And call me too, so I can bring snacks. Healthy snacks.

Think about where your water comes from. Do so especially if you live in a desert.

Give every soldier everywhere a helmet-cam that webcasts continuously. Let's see it all. The war, I mean. A running subscript showing the escalating costs of the war would also be nice. And caskets. Gotta see those. What's a war without caskets?

The next time you read something, consider the style of language, the vocabulary, the way ideas (if any) are laid out in words. Is it, the thing you are reading, written in a way that would insult the intelligence of an average fourth-grader? Like perhaps this?

Well, no. Not that.

Pick any number between one and a hundred. Then get an echocardiogram done on yourself. Find out what your ejection fraction is and compare that to the number you chose randomly.

Take something flat that you have hanging decoratively on a wall in your home; a painting, poster, or print. Remove it, paint/draw/splash something on its back, and hang it up that way.

Grow something. Tomatos. Crystals. Body hair.

Fill the birdfeeder.

Look at a total stranger in the same manner you would look upon someone you deeply love.

Try to think of something that has no words to readily describe it. Pester your friends and coworkers with attempts to convey this to them.

Imagine that for a moment everybody in the world simultaneously felt lament for that which is but should not be so.


wunelle said...

You've chosen one of my favorite CDs there (it's the only piece I've found by Robert White)! I was going to say that both Tallis and Palestrina have FABULOUS Jeremiah Lamentations, but I see you already know about Tallis'.

It's a lovely post.

Pico said...

Pico is envious. Ah, for the wit to rant like that!

Just so you know, Jeremiah is one of my top five fave ranters.