Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Change of Shift Report

Mary: "So why's he here, then?"

Kay: "Shortness of breath."

Mary: "Well yeah, he did try to hang himself. Shortness of breath is kind of the goal there, isn't it?"

Kay: "And he said he had chest pain."

Gary: "From doing crack and crystal."

Kay: "That'll do it."

Gary: "And he's only got one kidney."

Kay: "Old gunshot thing."

Mary: "Oh. What's he in jail for?"

Kay: "Attempted murder."

Gary: "It's do bad he didn't do a better job of hanging himself. He could have saved the taxpayers some money on his hospital bill."

Kay: "But then his family would have sued Sheriff Joe for another forty million bucks."

Gary: "Yeah, probably."

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