Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Cue Ringing

I posted this thought over at The Crack Den in a comment thread that was going on while Joementum was at bat. I thought of this myself, but if someone else should have had the idea somewhat contemporaneously; well then, that would be odd.


I hear things sometimes.

Like this one time years ago the person I had been seeing romantically said that they thought we "should try dating other people" and I thought I heard them say "sell my VCR and keep the money."


What if Levi is in Minnesota because it's been arranged for him to go down on bended knee before Bristol, present her with a ring, and ask her to marry him?

In front of the whole congregation. On TV.

The family welcomes him into their arms. The crowd roars. Balloons drop from the ceiling.

I should get paid to think up this stuff.

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