Sunday, February 08, 2009

More Songs About Food But Not Buildings

Oh man oh man, AJ's had 4-6-count shrimp. The oranges were better than they looked, and the green grapes were on sale. We got some sourdough and munched on Idiazabal, a slightly smoky Basque sheep cheese, and paired it with super-creamy Brillat-Savarin cow's milk cheese.

I basically just butterflied the OMG shrimp and tossed them into a butter/garlic/olive-oil/orange-zest sauce with some chunks of Mahi-mahi, a generous handful of sea scallops, and some Tilapia to round out the stew.

The kid said it was the best meal they ever had. Wow. Score. Of all the things... fruit, bread and cheese.

I had Virgil's Root Beer, the kid had Gerolsteiner fizzy water, and the spouse (atypically,) went for a lemon-grass soda. I love those things.

So what we have here is one of your typical "what we're eating now" posts that you see over in the Eschaton festivals of Haloscan.

In a short time we will probably not ever be eating such things. Few will. One family out of a thousand. Some will have next to nothing. Some already suffer so.

You really never know which meal will be your last.

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may said...

i agree. i went into an unexpected lecture when my coworkers started talking about looking for a different job after we got the memo about the cost cutting measures the hospital is implementing. i said "everytime you go to work, you should be grateful you have work to go to, not a lot of people can say that these days."

that made them think a litle bit.

as for the seafood festival meal of sorts, all i ask is: no leftovers for me? :)