Saturday, August 22, 2009

Comparing Health Insurance Plans

A visual representation of the progressive Democratic plan:

(Seattle Childrens Hospital)

But the Republican are offering choice:


wunelle said...

I thought there could hardly be anything worse than war to bring out crass political opportunism, but we may have found it here. Republicans in opposition play on American mass stupidity like a Stradivarius.

Eli Blake said...

What choice?

My employer has a contract with one insurance company. I can either accept it or not. If I don't then they won't even pay the partial subsidy they pay now to another insurer so the only difference would be that the other would cost me more.

The insurance I have now costs (particularly if you include the contribution from my employer) more than my mortgage, still has large co-pays and deductibles and when I need a prescription they make me go back to my doctor and get a 'pre-authorization' before the pharmacy will be allowed to fill it.