Sunday, October 04, 2009


If you come to the hospital and you display flu-like symptoms, we will either admit you to an isolation room or kick you the hell out. Nicely.

If you have a child in school, assume that they are at risk. Viruses do not work in terms of degrees of separation; instead, in terms of degrees of connection.

Think about the things that you touch as you go about your business. Gross. Yes, I know. Then think about all the other people who may have touched whatever you're touching, as you make your day.

Multiple homonyms: Flu, flew, flue


wunelle said...

And... Floo(zy)! ;-)

Ruth said...

But you mean it's not a plot to make fantastic amounts of money for Big Pharma? You're making a lot of people unhappy if it's real.

Eli Blake said...

That's wonderful.

My 13 year old daughter went to Winslow memorial emergency room Monday with the flu. They told her that the CDC is telling people to 'assume' it is the swine flu.

Then they sent her home, without even so much as a prescription, and said to drink plenty of fluids.

Since then she's gotten worse, her temperature has reached 103 and she is now coughing pretty much all the time and having trouble breathing. Plus, now I'm feeling pretty sick too.

If she gets really sick or dies I'm gonna sue their pants off (and I hate lawyers and have only had to hire one in my life, but I'm serious that this might be the second time.)