Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Brought to You by Your Health Insurance Premiums

Well, eventually they ordered a temporary hemodialysis catheter and proceeded with thrice-weekly dialysis. It was a concession to reality. That's what the man needed in order to live.

However, we were unable to just keep him in the hospital and provide this service indefinitely. So one day they decided to send the patient home. After he was dialysed, they removed the catheter and presto! he was discharged home.

The best possible scenario was for him to return to Mexico for treatment. But he hadn't lived there in fifteen years; he was a legal alien here and had been so for the past twelve years. Unfortunately he had no medical insurance, and legal residency doesn't include that. He really had no place to go back in his home country.

In all likelihood, he just stayed here in The Valley of The Sun. He will soon get pretty sick and he will present at another hospital. Or maybe he will just come back to ours, where we will start this all over again.

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