Friday, April 30, 2010

Tidings of Magpies

There is no law either natural or civil that says the rich must become richer by any means.

I told a friend that I wouldn't ask her about the novel she is secretly writing. I think I may have lied.

Profits are privatized , while liabilities must be socialized. This is called capitalism.

May I see your papers please? What!? No?

During my university years I was once ticketed by the police for driving an unregistered moped. Remember those?

The police impounded it. One drove off on it, which was comical enough, (imagine a big fat cop steaming along at about 12 miles-per-hour on a red moped) while the other put me in the back of the police car to be brought to the station. There was a bunch of guns in the back seat with me. I mentioned that to the officer driving. "Hey officer, there's a bunch of guns back here," I said. He screeched to the curb. "Get in the front," he said, and I did but he wouldn't let me play with the radio.

After a few days I'd gotten my moped properly registered and I went back to the police station to retrieve it from impoundment. The officer at the desk was disdainful and very rude. I remember telling him right to his face to "fuck off and die." Actually that is an exaggeration. I left out the part about dying. You cannot offend a police officer. It is perfectly okay to use crude language with them as long as it does not contain threats, and apparently this officer forgot to feel threatened at that time. I would not recommend doing this though.

He eventually gave me my key to my "vehicle" and I pedal-started it and rode off. Later the same policemen stopped me for riding without a helmet, even though at that time there were no laws requiring that I wear one to ride a little moped. It was slow. People in wheelchairs used to pass me regularly.

I promised a friend that I would always be there for them; the same one writing the secret novel. Even if they were to leave me, I assured them that I would wait decades for them. I did not lie about that. I am an elephant in that way.

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