Friday, December 03, 2010

Teabaggers Are Not Racist.

A white separatist has caused outrage by building a 10-foot-tall Ku Klux Klan snowman in his Idaho yard.
The pointed-hood wearing, noose-holding, dark-eyed sculpture sat in front of Mark Eliseuson's Hayden home, just down the street from a local elementary school.

The Daily Mail story is here.

It features a photograph of the artist. Sigh. Once again, as a First Amendment fan, I find myself defending shit. Oh well.

Just remember, Teabaggers Aren't Racist. Tell all your friends.


WinnyNinny PooPoo said...

Takes all kinds to make up this world. Sometimes I just shake my head.

Just because someone can legally do something doesn't mean they should. But I have found in this life there is no shortage of stupid.

Been There said...

Perhaps we are so ill as a society that some believe that the natural inclination is to accept illness, rather than criticize its appearance. Rather than warrioring against his own broken psyche, the maker has chosen to normalize its disease. He will remain unfixed, due to the creation of his own projection. However, it is still up to us not to make it acceptable.

I am familiar with such processes myself. It is a Spartan battle of Sisyphus proportion. However, it is better to ride out, isn't it?