Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Developments in Evolutionary Biology

Other countries do not automatically confer citizenship to the children of (illegal) immigrants, so we should be like that, too.

Other countries also have single-payer universal healthcare. But we should never ever do *that,* because it would be gay and socialist and it would undo The American Dream of going bankrupt because of family healthcare crises.

Crimes can only be attributed to those who commit them, because words and images ultimately cannot be proven to have any direct effect upon our actions.

We now pause for this commercial, which will subtly and surreptitiously persuade you to go buy a new Lexus and vote for Sarah Palin.

Telling people to take to Second Amendment Remedies, to not retreat but to reload, and to threaten to meet census workers coming to their door by aiming guns at them is Sacred Free Speech and should be subject to the deference of all.

Calls for civil debate are anathema and those who make such suggestions are toying evilly with the fragile emotions of pious gunslingers and they should just keep their sorry mouths shut or somebody's going to get hurt.

Children are our future.

But religious bigots deserve our respect for showing us the connection between that girl's tragic shooting death and gay marriage and she can just burn in hell for it.

It's a miracle that Gabby Giffords is still alive; god himself must have saved her.

Those who died, not so much as a peep from said god.

Christina Taylor Green.

The insanely religious Phelps clan will actually hold no protests in Tucson; they will be given airtime on local hate-radio instead. Equal time will be given to Noam Chomsky and P.Z. Myers to offer their rebuttals.

It's wrong to exploit tragedies like the Tucson shootings for political gain.

911! 911! 911! If you criticize our war-lust, you are a traitor!


WinnyNinny PooPoo said...

The saddest thing about humanity is that we are painfully human. :(

been there said...

what a beautiful girl.