Sunday, March 06, 2011

Victus Coram Deo

Shawna Forde, the woman on the left, has recently been sentenced to death for murdering Brisenia Flores and her father during a home invasion in 2009. Defense lawyers contend that Forde, like Charlie Manson in the infamous 1968 Tate-LaBlanca slaughters, was not present for the slayings, but the jury found that she masterminded the spree. Others will be tried soon.

Brisenia's and Forde's faces are the faces of Arizona's border wars.

Let there be absolutely no doubt about that. Hate feeds hate. It inevitably escalates unless, like a disease (and strictly speaking it *is* a disease,) it is treated, preferable by incarceration and silencing those who funnel such hatred into the minds of their radio listeners, website readers, and television viewers.

Forde, a self-styled leader of a rabid pack of violent crazies called the Minutemen American Defense, had some idea that there were drugs in the home which they could steal and sell to finance their anti-immigrant schemes. Isn't that special. The victims were, however, American-born and no drugs were found. Instead the murderers made off with some cheap jewelry.

Chris Simcox, leader of the equally unsavory Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, apparently considered Forde too nuts even for their bag of loons so they kicked her out in 2007 because "she was pretty unbalanced." Minuteman Project founder Jim Gilchrist however maintained ties to Forde right on up until he found out about the shootings.

Shawna Forde, Jim Gilchrist, and Chris Simcox think like lizards. As does Russell Pearce. As does Janet Brewer. As do their supporters throughout the state and country. Bill O'Reilly even lied about young Brisenia, with his on-air statement that she was an illegal alien. But that's nothing new; O'Reilly lies every fucking night on his television program. That's what he's paid to do, though many others are quite willing to do this for free.

Arizona harbors others of its other own special brand of various lizard people too:

The church, at 7901 N. Central Ave., had appealed a hearing officer's decision that feeding the homeless at a place of worship can be banned by city ordinance. In November, retired Arizona Supreme Court Justice Robert Corcoran, serving as a hearing officer, ruled that the city can restrict where the homeless and poor can be fed and that zoning regulations apply to everyone equally.

More here.

Such wisdom. A judgement coming straight from the corpus amygdaloideum. Such are our laws.

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