Saturday, June 18, 2011

Wait, What Kind of Period?

Steve Harvey can take his 90-day waiting period before fucking (he says women entering relationships should wait that long, and presumably just that long, before agreeing to sex,) and he can shove it up his soon-to-be war-torn asshole. He says it's like the probationary period when you first obtain a job. I don't know... He looks like a rapist to me. Or plainly like someone who has a compulsion to tell women (and men) how they should behave in their most personal interactions.

This is my counter-advice to Mr. Harvey: Go jerk off and cum on your mother's face.

So long as we're sharing advice.

Mr. Harvey was recently on the Piers Morgan interview television show, spouting silly nonsense about how men and women should relate. "Relashunships iz hard," as a certain ex-POTUS would have said. Another alpha-male. Apparently his sort of garbage is considered acceptable. Sadly it is not.

I shouldn't single out Mr. Harvey. There are thousands of sexist knuckleheads who do roughly the same thing he's doing. There are entire industries devoted to the promotion of this stuff. "Men Are (fill in the blank) and Women Aren't" half-baked inchoate ideas, allegedly obtained from observation, that serve only to maintain a thoroughly sexist paradigm, such as the one it seems apparent that Mr. Harvey himself grew up in and within which he remains immersed. Don't take my word for this. I can only stand to offer one link, like maybe this Modest Example and then I'll have to stop. Please.


Destruction and reconstruction. I don't much like construction itself. It's too creative. Be gone with it.

What? Who wants to be an artist?


Didn't think so.

At this stage of the game or whatever it is, I think that it would be tender and poignant to absolve oneself from all creative activities. To just steal. Not to make anything. Take something that's already there instead of trying to force something new into existence. Then bust it all up and if that's not enough fun, put it back together again in some good old-fashioned way. There you go.

It can't be that difficult. I know a restaurant that does this with fish tacos. And the dish is wonderful.

You could also do it just by taking some shit Steve Harvey said and then give it a royal rogering, for example.


I don't wear it around my neck.

When I am either asked or confronted about it, I have developed a short-cut reusable stock answer which I can employ to resemble responding, yes, actually genuinely responding or a passing semblance of so doing. Here it is:

"I generally stick to these things where I don't talk much about any of my relationships, whether they are real or not."

Does that wrongly impart?

I remain to be assured that I have shown just who can be the one who is more direct in these matters. Those are the ground rules, wouldn't we all agree? It seems clear to me.


Time is clear. Anyone can easily allow themselves the luxury of some insight into it. At least, I think, since some sort of language was made useful to us. The ability to cast our gaze about to different aspects, features, and discrete individual statements unfolding in time itself. That seems a neat trick.

There was probably a time when we as a species were generally unable to do this. It seems like a trait that could very well have been naturally selected.

There was probably also a time, albeit brief, when spacetime was not transparent and electromagnetic radiation was unable to pass through unobstructed. But that's another story.


Snipped from the superb butterfliesandwheels:

"I have a new project. My new project is to convince people on the left that they must work together with Tea Partiers.

This may seem like a difficult thing to do, but I like a challenge. There are many urgent problems in the world, such as countless people who still have the wrong kind of light bulbs, and the only way those problems can be solved is if I – yes I, I alone, I personally, I bravely yet gently yet determinedly yet lovingly – build a bridge between the left and the Tea Party. The division between the left and the Tea Party is divisive, and when there is divisiveness, problems don’t get solved, because people don’t work together, so it is urgent and vital and very important to heal this tragic divide by telling the left to forget about all the things they disagree with the Tea Party about. It would be pointless to tell the Tea Party to reciprocate, of course, and besides, the left is…well you know."

That's going to get much more than just a casual nod.


Violinist Robert McDuffie has been getting some serious attention for quite a while now:

And so has this fellow traveler, Ram Narayan, sarangi player.


When I sat at my laptop to write this I perhaps started on a rather hostile note. But I see now that I have arrived at another place. This is the sort of thing I am referring to when I talk about "form."


This is what I will say to my spouse when they come down from their slumber:

"You know, I sometimes talk about you; well, you and us really, with some of the people at work," I'll say, and "But there's really a lot more to us, then, isn't there?"

After I say that or something like it I have come to fully expect some sort "Of Look."

To which I might respond with "It's not like you're merely of a gender to me. No, not quite that at all. It's like you're a gender artist at what you do, and that's amazing."

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