Sunday, March 27, 2005

Day of Bunnies

There was a period in my life, (there have actually been several,) when I was full of sloth and I would do such things as watch the television game show Wheel of Fortune. This was many years, even decades ago, by now.

As I recall (and after witnessing such, who could ever forget it?) a particular episode of the show featured as one of its contestants a clergyman of some sort. He wore a clerical collar. Several clue letters had already been turned by Vanna White, grand diva of wonderbread female gameshow assistants.

The board was showing this: TH_ ___ T_STAM__T.

It was the clergyman's turn. The wheel was lucky for him and he had a good sum to win. I suspected he would take the easy way and perhaps "buy an E" which would subtract $200 from his pot, but supply a determining clue.

He chose instead to solve the puzzle immediately, saying it's "The New Testament."

Someone else might have chosen "Old." And that would have lost.

A shrimplate moment.

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