Wednesday, March 23, 2005

How French is That?

There was a man outside the hospice where Terri Schiavo lay in her final repose (again) and he carried a sign reading "Honor Her Wishes." His name was given as Richard Avant, in the account I read online from Long Island Newsday (morning, 3/23/05.) A progressive fish in a pond of conservatives.

A shrimplate moment.

"Culturally or stylistically advanced" is what Merriam-Webster gives in definition of the word "avant," from the French. Ain't that a kicker, considering the abuse our conservative fellow Americans heaped upon all things Gallic not so long ago.

It is not conservative to honor the wishes of those who lay dying.

It is not conservative to be culturally or stylistically advanced.

It is not conservative to hold the French in honor, even though the freedoms unleashed in their Revolution reverberate, with our own, through history, to this day yet.

It is not conservative to prevent government from meddling in the most private and sacred of marital affairs.

Rather, it is progressive; it is "avant."

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