Sunday, August 14, 2005

And She Just Wants to Ask Him Why

Regarding the Camp Casey movement, and yes, Virginia, it is a movement, President Bush has taken time from his all-important vacation to remind us all that he has to get on with his life. Unlike a certain (currently dead) soldier whose mother is presently changing the debate about this senseless war.

Bush needs five weeks of vacation, just to sit around and think up insensitive and utterly stupid things like that to say.

Somebody remind me where I read this, but the thing about Cindy Sheehan is that she, as stated above, is changing the debate.

It's not about weapons of mass destruction, nor Saddam's non-existent ties to bin Laden, nor spreading democracy (for the women of Iraq this is a particularly piquant point,) nor securing a large reserve of fossil fuel, nor preserving America's freedom, nor even about stuffing Halliburton's coffers with loot.


It's about sending our young people off to die and destroying their families.

Aragorn gets it, so why don't some of your local newspaper editorialists get it?

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SassyNurse said...

Although I am happy that light is being shed on the fact that a good majority of people believe that this is Bush's personal war for his own personal reasons, not what is right for our country. I do have to express my opinion on camp casey also. If this womans son was not killed in Iraq would she be camped out? Obviously not. I feel her pain from the loss, and while I agree young men are dying for no reason, I have to be upset by this woman. Many other families have lost dads,sons, brothers and husbands and she did not feel the need to camp out until it hit her at her own home. Although on one hand I admire her strength to bring together so many of us that believe Bush is wrong. I just pray this country will survive Bush.