Monday, August 01, 2005

Put This on a Yellow Ribbon

Let's see. Say you're a Bush Republican, and you're bored. Nothing to do. Think. What would you do? What would you do?

I know! To satisfy "making the tax cuts permanent," you'd take money away from the troops. AGAIN! Why not? Who's going to try to stop you? John Kerry? Michael Moore? Molly Ivins?

They tried to warn us. They're still trying, and so am I. Lot of good it did the last couple times around, though.

What's it going to be, folks, more hardship for those families who have members serving our country, or a permanent tax break for Ben and J-Lo? If you're a Bush supporter, that's easy. Some military people get shafted out of a few hundred dollar's worth of monthly mortgage money, and the Hollywood celebrities you just love to hate keep enough yearly tax breaks to buy a new Lexus every September until this hell freezes over.

Go ahead. Just try to pin this one on Clinton or the Democrats. Make my day.

1 comment:

JaneAZ said...

But there's no money in the budget for the global struggle against extremism! It was supposed to be a slam dunk, see...