Friday, May 12, 2006

Hip-Hop Marx

Of course, the rich of this country nominally pay most of the income tax collected by Halliburton, Blackwater, Enron, and other arms of the Republican-led federal government. The rich make inordinately much more income than do those people in lower tax and income brackets. Unlucky duckies!

Paris Hilton probably has more money than that contained in the ten-year budgets of many hospitals in many communities. This is shameful and ludicrous to anyone with a proper sense of balance, but not to modern White House conservatives.

So hospitals get cuts in the amount of money given to them by the government. And Paris Hilton gets tax cuts that save her a few hundred thousand dollars a year. It's the same thing in BushSpeak. Both your local community hospital, where you go when you break your leg trying to make the pie higher, and Paris Hilton, a very high pie indeed, both get cuts.

It's the same thing, see? That's how fair Bush is to all of America. That's how his policies help America.

Sometimes sarcasm can cloud an argument. Basically what I want to say here is this: Bush is perpetrating class warfare against everyone but his rich and mostly corrupt pals that occupy the ether of the highest income categories in the entire world.

Before the last drop of blood is squeezed from the small pale hard stone that is your paycheck, we must fight back. This will involve real, honest class warfare of the Robin Hood variety, not the reverse, taking from the poor and giving to the very very rich, as currently imprinted in Bush tax policy.

If this country is to survive, as it has through centuries of war and internal strife, the rich will have to suffer their own version of Kent State.

No, I do not advocate violence, but the metaphor is apt. There must someday soon be a watershed moment when the tide of tax relief flows against the very rich and back into realm of community services, or we will have no place to live anymore.

See New Orleans.

Bush has done nothing to improve things for the United States of America, because he has been too busy advancing the interests of his class.

Yes, I did study that guy back in college. America is a Marxist state, and now we have our very own Stalin. The Constitution no longer applies, as Bush makes "signing statements" designed to allow him to circumvent and disobey any and all laws.

Only the laws of class warfare apply now.


gail said...

Very well said (or written).

Lily said...

Yes, it always amazes me to see the profit reports of many major corporations then their tax burden at zero.

I think the tax code needs to change, either a flat tax (obviosuly some problems) or a fair tax (business) but the current system is an inappropraite way to use revenue raising as a policy vehicle. Something needs to chang. Wish I knew how. We spend billions on nonsense though thats for sure.

Sorry about the hospital cuts. You mean you are not overpaid, overflowing with happy staff? :)