Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Read Ducks

Sprawl is unsustainable. There's nothing there, except "mcmansions" and cars and useless yards that produce nothing yet consume resources anyways, and television, with its Faux Lies and Beavis 'n Butthead values and mentality.

You know. The values upon which modern civilization are founded. Stupidity and selfishness. Bush Republicanism. Bullshit.

We need single-payer healthcare coverage. Anything else is a waste of money that basically pays middle-men, and I do mean *men*, to with-hold treatments to the sickest among us in order to maintain a transfer of wealth from the weakest of our citizens to the richest and most secure of our fellow Americans. Reverse communism. Socialism for the rich.

Methamphetamine kills the body's ability to feel pleasure, it's highly addictive, and it's a personality killer. Cheaper than cocaine, which has similar effects, it's the perfect drug for destroying Middle America. "Red" states will continue to lead in crystal production and abuse. It's stupid. Hence the Republican support for its use.

Republican lawmakers have been known to oppose simple measures to assure that meth-lab operators have their precursor-chemical purchases recorded. God bless my own representatives.

Awareness of peak oil issues. Cheap fossil fuel use is soon to be a thing of the past. Modern humans, especially SUV-driving oblivious soccer-moms from Florida, are completely unaware of the FACT that oil is a finite resource and we have already extracted the best and most-easily obtained deposits available.

Everything that depends upon cheap fossil fuel resources for survival will soon be put at risk. Many conventions, such as cheap personal transportation and cheap food production on mega-farms and cheap plastic crap like disposable intravenous medication tubing, syringes, sterile packaging and other hospital items that people like me personally dispose of by the metric ton annually, will be gone.

I'm twisting my little brain into a Gordian knot trying to think of an adequate and cheap substitute for petroleum-byproduct plastic IV tubing.

About four percent of the humans that walk among us have no sense of empathy. Some people have such a lack that they end up as violent criminals, but some have other mental resources and they are able to put on a face of sanity.

We have elected way too many of these monsters. America and its corporations, themselves insane, have leaders that have no ability to feel compassion and a profound inability to conceive of the future. Some have even fashioned an apocalypse-worshipping christian cult religion out of this bare psychopathology.

It would be nice if we could put an end to that.

Good slow food, good music, good guitars, good bloggers, good books, good nookie, good shade, good dogs and cats and koi fish, good gardening, and a good home.

These seem to have become my main and secondary themes.

What else should I blog about?

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