Friday, June 02, 2006

Thank you Monica_A: Freedom Fried

Maybe someday when I grow up daddy will get me some of my own trolls to play with. But in the meantime, here's some fun and games from the Comments section over at Eschaton:

"The sagebrush folk, the swamp people, the cowboys (and girls), the hash slingers, the grit dealers, the station attendents, the truckers, the diner Dons, the floating waitresses, the roadside drifters, the hardworkin’ flag flyers, the mountain diggers, the Western desert grifters, the hay sellers, the coal miners, the preachers and teachers of the Word, the ranchers and farmers, the river men (and women), the dam builders, the interstate sojourners, the shotshell reloaders, the cartridge collecters, the shooting club cabals, the cornfield clans, the barroom brawlers, the BBQ queens, the picinc kings, the tom cat trappers, the trailer park Romeos, the hunting lodge Juliets, the poker jacks, the bric-a-bracs, the Caterpillar prophets, the clay pigeon muppets, the little Miss Muffits, the railroad men, the pickup truck ramblers, the midnight gamblers, the mountain pass pilgrims, the hard-armed lawmen, the good-hearted con-men, the welders, the melders, the managers in the smelters, the sheetmetalers, the drywall stackers, the over-time riverters, the pipe fitters, the country club dissers, the back-alley pissers, the melon-head mashers, the grain-grippin’ gashers, the gospel graspin' speculators, the parking lot Platos, the desieled-up Davids, the eighteen-wheeled Marys, the Sugarland Samsons – the peoples, the folks, the dirty dozens, the masses, the eternal cuzzins, the heartland: all of us are poised, get ready libs - we won’t let you win, EVER.

granmda's own cooking | 06.02.06 - 2:41 pm | # "

The dam builders? Does grandma not realize that we don't really build dams anymore? All the good spots have already been taken.

Maybe she meant "damn" builders. But I have a feeling that's not the case and she perhaps just forgot to include rich white suburban tract housing developers on her partial list, as a sort of incidental oversight.

Then again, she can't spell her own name.

Good-hearted con-men? Well, heck yes, if they're any good at what they do, they're likely to be Republican, but good-hearted? Not bloody likely.

Back-alley pissers. Yes, we all know how essential that demographic is to the continued success of the NeoCon agenda.

As well they should, almost all of the regular Atriots ignored this... whatever this is.

However, grilled troll was still on the menu, thanks to this:

"I have a graduation to attend so this will be my last post on this subject. Let me make it as clear as I possibly can for Grandma and her ilk:

1. Abortion will never be outlawed. It works against the Rethuglicans to outlaw the biggest rallying point. You may think the Roberts' court will give you what you want, but you'd be sadly mistaken.

2. Everytime you vote Rethuglican, you vote against your best interest. You think you're going to be rich someday so you want tax cuts. Let me bring you back crashing into reality: YOU'RE NOT RICH YET AND AT THE RATE YOU'RE BEING RAPED BY THE GOVERNMENT, YOU WON'T BE ANYTIME SOON! Look up Maslow's "Hierarchy of Needs". Until one need is satisfied, you will never progress. Unless you have an education, you will never make a decent salary. Grow up!

3. The rich, white men who run the Rethuglican party will never accept you as one of their own. You are no more than hicks who can be tricked into voting against your best interest because of a pipe dream. I don't remember reading anything about Lil Boots inviting the good citizens of Crawford to his ranch to show his appreciation for their support. I wonder why? Oh, now I remember: because he is a Connecticut Brahmin playing a role.

That is all!

Monica_A: Freedom Fried | 06.02.06 - 3:20 pm | # "

"What's the Matter With Kansas?" by Thomas Frank should be on the required reading lists in all red-state highschool social studies classes.


Thers said...

Heh. Good stuff.

We're over at Stop by. We'll grill one for ya. Always sonething goin' on for a friend.

Eli Blake said...


I've known plenty of most of the above, who are as good Democrats as you'll ever find. (and which party was it that had an ordained minister running for President most recently? I guess they con't count black ministers as 'preachers of the word,' except for maybe the token Republican ones.)

My vision at 'Good-hearted con men' was that they were thinking that some con men, like Lay and Skilling, can certainly afford memberships at pricey health clubs, and are probably less subject to heart attacks. Hence they are good-hearted con men, and also Republicans.

Obviously someone who hasn't really gotten out very much. But it was a good rant.