Sunday, October 15, 2006

Canadian Health Care vs. Daddy MacEachern

Please go read Sara's first-hand account over at the always-fine Orcinus.

"As a health-care-card-carrying Canadian resident and uninsured American citizen who regularly sees doctors on both sides of the border, I'm in a unique position to address the pros and cons of both systems first-hand. If the health-care debates are going to begin again in the US -- and it's way past high time they should -- then let's please start with actual facts, instead of ideological posturing, wishful thinking, hearsay, and random guessing about how things get done up here." [snip]

I have been arguing the case for a single-payer system for a couple decades; since I began working in the system oh-so-long ago.

The puffy-faced and bespectacled Arizona Republic conservative "editorialist" (he pulls the Karl Rove talking points off the fax machine each morning,) Doug MacEachern once asserted the superiority of our system here in the U.S. by citing a case in which he also claimed first-hand knowledge: one time his father needed an MRI and got one.

Alrighty then, that settles it.

Everybody knows Canadians have to wait 22 months to get an MRI if they sprain their ankle.

The illustrious Tom Tomorrow tells it straight here, with dripping irony either dismissed or misunderstood by the MacEacherns that inhabit the world. This Modern World, that is.


Hat tip to Naum at AZ Place.

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michael said...

(he pulls the Karl Rove talking points off the fax machine each morning)

oh is that where he pulls them from? I thought it was his ass.

I am really glad someone is raking MacEachern over the coals. He is such a 'tard. The Repugnant has Bob Robb, with whom I disagree often but at least he's intelligent and it's clear that he actually does his own thinking much of the time.

MacEachern is just a typical unthinking dittohead right-winger. It's not that I disagree with his opinions; it's that his opinions are so incredibly ignorant and ill-informed.