Friday, December 29, 2006


The duck is already roasting in the oven, which warms the kitchen nicely on this damp and overcast day, a rarity in The Valley of the Sun But Practically No Solar-Energy-Collecting Rooftop Arrays.

Later I'll toss in the lamb racks with rosemary from the patch outside the gate. Mint sauce for the lamb-pops. Aged Gouda. Lump crab for one of the dips, plus avocado from the Pidgeon Tree. Enough crackers to satisfy many generations of pirate-shouldered parrots and all their feathered relatives.

Granny Smiths sliced and served with peanut butter. Domaine Chandon, the pink stuff with kiwi-strawberry juice, jacked-up Mimosas. Orange-juice traditional varieties also available. Sausage-stuffed mini-croissants. The duck will be stripped and used for spinach-garlic-tortilla quesadillas with Jack and a stingy addition of jalepenos so as not to over-ride the fatty tastiness of Mr. Duck.

Beatles on the Martin-Logans, alternating with Danu, Peter Tosh, Bartoli, and of course Anna Netrebko.

Friends, children, and neighbors.

Happy new year, all.

All food-oriented posts come courtesy of Head Nurse who continues to exult in the Darwinian niche of nurse-and-food-and-other-brilliantly-interesting-stuff blogging. She makes it easier for all the rest of us to slog on.

On edit I would like to welcome Bili Rubin and Creature57 to the blogroll, if they will put up with association with my mad ravings.


Jo said...

Thank you, sweet Shrimplate! That's one of the nicest compliments I've ever gotten.

Eli Blake said...

You know, some of us guys think through our stomach first. This was a delicious post.

Aged Gouda. That's a blast from the past. Lamb-pops. What's a lamb pop? Sounds good though. It's hard to even find ground lamb anymore in supermarkets.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, my New Years will be spent running my tail off in an ED...

Hope your is great! (it sure sounds yummy!)

Ursa said...

Mmmmmm...*drool* Sounds wonderful.

And thanks!1 Add me away. Mind if i do the same with your blog?

Nice quote, by the way. Repo Man + the interconnectedness of the Universe = Shrimplate. Rock.

dbackdad said...

Damn. I am going to have to get myself invited to one of your shindigs. The food lineup sounds awesome.

Have a good one. I'm sure we'll meet (along with Vern) sometime in the new year.