Sunday, December 24, 2006

Placidomonas Freeperiai

The controversial debate, if one can honor it with such terminology as it probably doesn't deserve, over evolution versus creationism is now over. I have discovered incontrovertible evidence of macro-evolution, plainly observable to all. The evolution of an entirely new species arising from the genepool of lesser precedents.

Cool, man.

The Freepers were discussing Placido Domingo being booed at the Met. That in itself is a remarkable stream of events.

So why was Domingo flipped off by the rowdy low-lifes in the back rows? Freeper "Red Badger" in post number 8 explains:

"They found out he voted for George Bush!.........."


Out of the primordial freeper mud we have observed not just transitional forms, but the arrival of a whole new species.

I will continue my examination of this freeper phenomenon. Perhaps I will find a thread in which they discuss their love of the Toyota Prius and 1960's Miles Davis recordings, or other such evidence of evolutionary change, such as consistently correct spelling and grammar.

Accompanied, of course, by threads that blame Clinton for Domingo's lapse. Punctuated equilibrium and all that.

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Nothing to add on point, but I wanted to drop by and wish you and your a Merry Christmas, Shrimplate! (I always want to put two "p's" in your name!)