Tuesday, January 02, 2007

But Slowly

There is a small bulletin board on the hallway wall between rooms 29 and 30. Usually it was quite ignored, and for many months after I began work there it remained blank. Then one day I decided to write upon it:

"Oh snail,
Climb Mout Fuji
But slowly, slowly."


I got it from Franny and Zoey.

After a while that got erased and some Hallmark Cards kind of sentimental phrases went up. No big deal.

Lately it's become a proclamation board for New Year's Resolutions. Some want new cars. Some want new career options. Some want to just win the lottery.

I wrote that I wanted to take a few new cooking classes. There's one in a couple weeks for kids and parents on pizza. That's so cool. I hope I can persuade The Young Strauss Critic to go along with me, as it's a class geared towards the young. That would be nice.

World peace would be nice, too, but first we have to change a few things here.

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