Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Way Cold Weather Affects Certain Things and the Scottsdale Loop 101

Is it possible? I hardly think that I could be one of the first locals to point out the obvious connection between this, regarding the Scottsdale 101 loop and speed cameras:

"Scottsdale's Loop 101 speed enforcement cameras did, in fact, slow down drivers."


"And the evidence continues to mount that if the photo enforcement were made permanent, Arizona drivers could benefit by saving millions in medical and insurance costs, not counting the lives that would be spared."

Compared to the Speed Control Bikini Bandits. (Not work safe.)

It's just got to work better here in Arizona than it works in Denmark. Our weather is more condusive, being warmer and therefore easier on the women outside along the highway. Or am I wrong?!


cpmaz said...

Do you live in Scottsdale? On Tuesday, the City Council is considering whether or not to restart the cameras.

I think they should see this video; this idea could greatly enhance safety.

It would sure slow down traffic. :)

Might even encourage people to visit Scottsdale, LOL.

vern said...

I don't often drive that section of 101 but I'd sure as hell start if they implemented that program!

Charles said...

Shrimplate, you da man.