Saturday, May 19, 2007

Win a New Message for Your Answering Machine

From the candidate's campaign website, running for Prince William County Commonwealth's Attorney in Virginia:

"Ham has known adversity. Ham was completely cleared of any involvement in the death of Mama Cass Eliot, a scandal which threatened to derail his political career until the baseless charges were shown to be a fraud. This experience has helped Ham to understand the importance of proper prosecutorial conduct, and inspires Ham to ensure that only criminals face the justice system.

Ham is a strong supporter of civil rights and the concept of innocent until proven guilty. Many a time people have said that a prosecutor could indict Ham Sandwich when Ham was not guilty of any crime nor in most cases anywhere remotely near where the alleged crime had been committed."

If there were to be a running mate, I suppose that their campaign posters might include this:

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Anonymous said...

What about sausage? Doesn't sausage count?