Friday, June 15, 2007

Streisand and Redford 1973

Olive Riley of Australia is the world's oldest blogger at age 107, but she has company. She is joined by Maria Amelia of Spain, who is 95 years young.

Eric Shackle of Sydney, Australia writes:

"Maria Amelia had been ill with pneumonia and various complications which left her weak, so she decided to go to a resort in Brazil for 15 days to recuperate.

Despite her illness, she was determined not to miss the trip, but worried about the long travel time. The trip took 20 hours, but soon after she booked in to a five-star hotel, she took to the dance floor!"

Please, a gracious tip of hats to Eric Shackle, who cued me in about Maria. Judging from Life Begins at 80... On the Internet, he's no spring chicken himself.

One of the really great things about being a nurse is that you get to meet and talk to people from other generations. It's not just that some of them have interesting things to say, and a way of interacting with people that reaches back towards more mannered times... it's, well, that they're old. They used to be young once, and in some ways many of them still are.

Maria Amelia says she started blogging when her grandson, who she describes as "cheap," gave her a blog for her birthday.

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Eric Shackle said...

Hi Shrimplate. You will be pleased to hear thatMaria Amelia has just returned home to Spain, feeling on top of the world after her extended vacation in Brazil.

Here's an automated translation of her latest post, from AltaVista

Tuesday 12 of June of 2007
The Return
Dear blogueros grandsons:

Finally I have arrived from Brazil. I was in house of my grandson small days because the other was absent. Me I passed it with my grandsons very well but deciding to me you. I believe that he put a writing of which I could not key in because he was not my grandson who is the one that keys in to me. The others do not want to key in, and I do not request it either. If they do it, is because quiren… but I to force do not force to them. I am not the one who.

And me it passes it very well with the grandsons who are very contentments because they are hoping to its hijita in the month of September. Sure today already they vien for house of Daniel and it is going to me to key in. And I am contented because me it passes it very well.

Now soon I am going away to march to Muxía and I do not know like doing, because I am going to be 2 months and average and I do not have that key in to me. I am going away it to request to the Muxiana, that is a bloguera our. To see if it, as she is going to go to Muxía, takes the Internet and it wants to me to key in a little there, and to thus it will speak you of how it is passing it.

I, of course, in Brazil passed it formidably. When going for the airplane it did there of hers but good, I arrived thanks to God well. Now that the return was fabulous. The airplane was nuevecito and very many greater, but more wonderful trip goes that it did. Nor I found out. I passed it barbaramente and wanted to return. If it had the health, that I do not have much, sure to my age. This artrosis that does not leave me peacefully, that also gave in the hip a little me pain there. But it only lasted 3 days, and here it has to me lasted 1 month and 15 days.

Also it is that I was very good careful, because they did not leave nor to a minute the nurses me. The very most kind ones, gave to hot compresas and pomadas me that to me put new. Neither injections nor nothing. Here 14 injections have dice to me and there nothing, everything was with compresas.

And I left, I went for the garden, seated to me there in a chair. And he saw pass people and he distracted to me, because everybody spoke to me. For me it was one season fabulous. With saying that, if for December he found me before either or, if some of my grandsons were that way, or went I with him. And although it returned, I I was left days more.

They treated to me to king body. There I did not need anything, medical, medicines, everything what she gave the desire me.

And later the attentions. These brasileiros have much heart, that occur to the fellow. That we also are affectionate the Spaniards, who we welcome in all the strangers who arrive and immigrants.

But we do not have the dulzura of them. They are very sweet. Cariño…ya is too much, ya…se is completely devoted by complacerte and so that you estes contents. Because if they see in a while you displeased because you have pain so or, it seems that they feel they. They have a way to be fabulous.

I am enchanted. At least, of the site in where I was in favor. That site is poorer, I mean, is not city. Poor man is not, because the wealth that they have in that forest, are something terrible. Hoist precious, handles, many shrubs that I did not know, plataneras, to azucar. He is everything very well-taken care of in that, but there is poverty in those towns near the hotel.

And that pueblecito is precious. I now remember as she is called, “Jenjigobi” or “Jinjigobi”. I now do not decide to me because I of names and dates am fatal. And that is delicious. You have the beach that is immense, immense. Colorful precious and those palms. And despues has an ascent to the property, already almost grazing with the beach. And it is another playita that they have to put the hammocks and the parasols. And there these deliciously taking the sun. And at least you you wait for it comes a waiter and it serves to you what your you want. Because they say that it goes with which you pay of Pension. Later they do not receive anything to you, you take what you take. By the mornings, in the afternoons, served all horas…Después they give the appetizer, elijes you what you want. Good, it does not go but, the hotel is delicious.

The park I do not give it walked. But there are small cars that take you by the park if you want and you cannot walk as much. And they take to give paseíto to you and you know all the park. Because he is wonderful and he is very great.

Cheers, Eric.