Saturday, August 11, 2007

Flip That Box

Sprawl-Busters has completed its annual inventory of "available buildings" that the nation's largest retail real estate company is hoping to unload. We have done this scan annually around this time of the year ever since the growing problem of empty stores was brought to our attention in 1999. As of today, Wal-Mart Realty has a total of 356 buildings for sale or lease, a total of 26,699,678 million square feet of empty stores. That's enough empty space to fill up 534 football fields. This phenomenal figure makes Wal-Mart the King of Dead Air in America and the world. No other retailer has this many dead stores in its inventory.

From Associated Content:

When a Wal-Mart closes, usually to move to a bigger location and become a Supercenter, the land it previously occupied sits unused. At any given time, over 300 closed Wal-Marts lie vacant in America. Most big-box retailers put certain rules on their unused land to cut back on competition, which means another big-box retailer can't come in and use that space.

The Parthenon is empty, too. But at least it looks good.

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GingerJar said...

I like the picture of the truck "China Shipping", wonder if that was load of contaminated dog food or toothpaste???