Friday, January 25, 2008

A By No Means Exhaustive Five For Wunelle


shrimplate said...

Eddie Blackwell
Steve Gadd
Paul Motian
Ginger Baker
Matt Wilson

wunelle said...

Wow, no one's ever give me my own post before!

Gadd is very familiar, of course, as is Ginger Baker. But the other three are new for me (I must have known of Matt Wilson, as I was drumming in a band in Minneapolis at the same time that Trip Shakespeare was on the radar).

I've been listening over the past few years to Dave Weckl, who got his start with Chick Corea and now has his own band. He's one of the most accomplished technicians on the instrument, ever. But it's a very technical form of jazz--technically maybe not even jazz, as there is little room for improvisation. Still an amazing, almost superhuman mastery.