Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Thou Swell

There is now a cholera outbreak spreading in Iraq. 3,300 cases. Among other issues.

"It is estimated that 28% of children are malnourished, compared with 19% before the 2003 invasion. In 2006, more than 11% of newborn babies were born underweight, compared with 4% in 2003. Malnutrition contributes to death from other conditions such as intestinal and respiratory infections, malaria and typhoid. The lack of food is affecting not only children. It is estimated that four million Iraqis - 15% of the total population - regularly cannot buy enough to eat and are now dependent on food assistance."

Leave it to our president to find a way to spread cholera and democracy at the same time. Not that smart, really. Dumb. Katrina dumb. And profoundly disdainful of other people. Bush is not a man. He's a tumor.


Eli Blake said...

What? Cholera? You mean all those chemicals he started putting into the environment via the 'clear water act' hasn't killed all the bugs yet?

Eli Blake said...

I'd call Bush Forrest Gump but at least Forrest believed in something worthwhile.

wunelle said...

I'd say "a tumor" is an excellent metaphor. A cancerous tumor (not a benign one).