Thursday, February 14, 2008

I Could Be Happy

"$100 million is not really much to launch a typical cable network," says Derek Baine, an analyst at Kagan Research. By comparison, News Corp spent $400 million to launch Fox News, and it took about five years to break even.

Baine projects that Fox will endure about $107 million in losses from Fox Business Channel before breaking even in four years.

From a "reliable source," Will the proposed Fox Business cable television channel be merely a competitor to CNN Money, or will it be an enemy? You decide.

Fox News itself was launched in 1996 and lost well over $400 million before it turned penny. Imagine if some sugar daddy pumped that many dead presidents into Air America... One can only dream.

Thom Hartmann reminds us that rightwing media like Fox didn't get there because "the free market," whatever the fuck that is, was clamoring for it. It got there because the very rich and oddly conservative media mogul Rupert Murdoch blew hundreds of millions of dollars on it.

The rabidly conservative media organ The Washington Times only exists because it's highly subsidized by the Messiah, True Parent, and notorious tax cheat Sun Myung Moon. It really doen't make any money.

Some Air America show hosts have beaten out their conservative counterparts in important markets and crucial listener demographics since the inception of that little talk-radio upstart, and they did it without half a billion dollars donated by religio-conservative cavemen.

Soon we will be able to get away from the obnoxious misinformation spewing from such sources. Far away.

"I Could Be Happy" by Altered Images, a skinny-tie band of early 80's punky-popsters fronted by groovy Clare Grogan.

i would like to climb high in a tree
i could be happy, i could be happy
or go to Skye on my holiday
i could be happy, i could be happy
maybe swim a mile down the Nile
i could be happy, i could be happy
all of these things i do
all of these things i do
to get away from you
get away, run away, far away, how do i?
get away, run away, far away, how do i
escape from you?

"MTV From Scratch" stupid video here with intolerable home-made visuals but better sound.

Here in America we can't swim down the Nile to escape our political problems. But we can call and pester our representatives and senators. We can let media personalities know what we think. We can gather in the bloggy wilderness. And maybe, if we're fortunate, we could even vote.

So who needs to toss away millions of dollars propping up failed conservatism?

Not us.

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wunelle said...

Fox inspires me to continue in my studied oblivion of the network. I don't watch them--ever--and I instantly disregard any information I learn has come from them. If I learn of places supporting them--restaurants or shops, for example, which have them playing on shop TVs--I avoid those places.

And I loudly sing the praises of NPR whenever anyone will listen.