Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Redistribution of Wealth, Upwards Edition #4812


That's the starting annual salary for a Phoenix-area elementary school teacher.


That's for a police officer new to the job.

Do those pay figures seem like too much money to you?! But wait, there's more, and if you order now not only will you get the ginsu knives, but we'll even throw in the Secrets of the Known Universe!

"Super Bowl organizers will try to nail down another big game for Arizona, possibly as early as 2012.

But for the state to stay competitive, taxpayers need to shoulder the majority of game costs, organizers say. And the organizers plan to lobby for legislation to accomplish that."

That's fucking insane.

Though the recent $17 million weekend party bill was mostly financed by members of the private sector, in order to lure a future Super Bowl here again the taxpayers will have to buy it. Game-day organizers will be lobbying the legislature to see to this.



Becca said...


Well, it's because those teachers and police officers don't contribute to the economy the way the Super Bowl does ... and in the end, it's all about an equation where the bottom line question is "how much money do we make?"

Thank you GOP/Bush/Cheney/Laissez-faire Capitalists for making profit the priority motive for public policy decisions.

No investment in infrastructure, because we can't tie that directly to a bottom-line impact. But the Super Bowl? Abso-frickin'-lutely, even though it has zero long-term benefit to the community. So Arizonans might as well get used to their kids talking like a LOLCats caption.

wunelle said...

The sports franchises are just like the same old Republican greed machine at work; the public being persuaded that they need to cough up for the privilege of other people making money sounds like the political bullshit strategies used to get people to vote against their own self interest.

Former Minnesota Twins pitcher Johann Santana just signed a five-year, $140 million deal with the NYMets. That's just fucking insane, and it'll stop when we boycott the insanity.

Sports are an entertainment being regularly mistaken for something that matters.

QrazyQat said...

On "contribute to the economy the way the Super Bowl does": keep in mind that all those dumb stats you always see thrown about on how the big ___ is going to contribute to the economy assume that if that event isn't in town, no one will be ina single hotel room, no one will eat in a single restaurant, no one will take a taxi, no one will fly there, no one will... well, do anything, apparently.

In other words, they're bullshit.