Monday, March 17, 2008

Mystery Diagnosis

He was thirty-five years old and he had the liver enzyme levels of someone who had been drinking hard, and daily, for decades. Which is exactly how they got that way, actually.

After spending a few days tweaking and boozing it up in a bug-infested Van Buren motel flop with a few of his friends, he decided to go visit his son. He didn't see his son very often. Mostly because of the restraining order. But sometimes he was just too busy.

The visit didn't go well. He argued with his ex-wife. They made up. Clothes came off. True love is like that. They fought again, and before he could get dressed she had taken their son out to the car and she was going to drive away.

He chased after her, naked. She started the car and began to move. He was in front of it and jumped up onto the hood of the Civic hatchback. She kept on driving. Neighbors looked on.

Halfway down the block lived one of Sheriff Joe's Finest. That is where she stopped the car, right in front of the deputy's house, hollering at him to get off.

This had been going on for a bit and someone had called the law. As he walked back to get his clothes police and an ambulance arrived.

And that is how he came to be admitted to our hospital to be treated for chest pain.


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Jail pain is THE WORST kind of chest pain!