Monday, April 07, 2008

Interesting Answer

The conversation turned to the topic of religious conversion.

She said that she had been born into a Southern Baptist family, dabbled in atheism, but finally assumed the mantle of Judaism. That caused some consternation among her traditional family members, for example at their recent Easter get-together. She did, she said, eat ham, because "god isn't going to bust me for what I eat," or something like that.

Another woman asked her, rather forthrightly, why she had "become a Jew," which elicited some laughter.

The first woman paused and tilted her head momentarily in thought, then replied "Because I have a Jewish soul."


The nurse in me wondered if they didn't simply just have a shellfish allergy.

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Ruth said...

Shellfish allergy would be preferable to staking a claim to a promised land on some one else's lawn, I think.