Monday, April 07, 2008

What Hey

More good news if you're a Republican:

[Snip] the economy lost 80,000 jobs last month and nearly a quarter-million over the last three months is the starkest signal yet that the country has probably fallen into a recession, with things on the job front expected to get worse.


In an environment of a sluggish economy and rising unemployment, analysts said there will be some safe harbors where job demand will keep growing. First and foremost in this group will be health care, where the demographics of an aging population mean the demands for medical care will keep rising.

Also a bright spot in a generally bleak jobs picture will be education, again driven by the demographics of a rising population of school-age children and students attending colleges, community colleges and trade schools.

Healthcare and education, areas where Republicans traditionally hold sway.

That's a joke.

But really now, though I am relatively secure in my job as a nurse, due to the shortage of of people who do that sort of thing and a demographic scenario which indicates that market demand for healthcare is in ascension, I remain a worrier. That's what I do. I worry. My spouse says I "should be on something" for that.

We used to think that the markets for technology would continue a natural expansion. Then we used to think that real estate and home values would continue to rise.

Those things didn't happen.


wunelle said...

Here's hoping the world's confidence that all Americans are not Republican scumbags will return when we put a human being back at the helm.

Well, here's hoping we succeed in that last part.

("The Dick" Cheney was told by a reporter the other day that the American people were unhappy with the war. His response: "So?")

Eli Blake said...

All that means is that your workload can be expected to increase, but if your pay goes up it won't increase as fast as your workload.

Heller said...

As long as the rich are treated fairly...

Really. Yesterday, the pricy Optima condo tower on 24th Street south of Camelback must had a couple dozen fire trucks (plus about 50 cop cars) show up loudly - just as I was throwing the steaks on the grill, of course.

So that's what happens when a rich person's house is burning. I don't think there's but two or three fireplugs in the entire vicinity, but that didn't stop the city from responding disproportionately. A couple miles further south, would we see anything like that in the way of a response? Even close?

Must be nice...