Sunday, September 14, 2008

More Interesting Than the Characters in His Novels

I don't read much fiction. I get enough of that just from watching the news. But when I do sink my teeth into a novel, I like the gritty realism and ultra-noir subject matter of the Burke novels by writer-lawyer Andrew Vachss.

"Burke" is an off-the-grid fixer who works on the dark side of law and society, with an unwavering hatred of child abuse and the monsters responsible for it. Much like Vachss himself, whose law practice works with children exclusively.

So if you're in the mood for a good read, toss some coin at Vachss. Your money will go to a noble cause and you'll be sure to enjoy the wild ride into the zero with Burke and his family.


wunelle said...

I read Two Trains Running a year or so ago, knowing nothing about the author. I just liked the cover and the blurb. It was great.

You remind me to look at other things by him.

(PS: I'm glad you love the Ingrid Fliter! She's awesome.)

bloodyhell said...

Andrew Vachss' Burke series is terrific -- can't wait for the next one to come out this winter. But my favorite of all his novels is another of his stand-alones, Shella. Nice to know someone else spreading the word on the greatness!

"D'jou do a lot of acid, Miller? Back in the sixties?"

loubank said...

You know Vachss is releasing the final book in the Burke series on December 30, right?