Friday, September 19, 2008

Republican Dictionary

"Capitalism" means flushing billions of dollars down the drains of failing corporations and allowing the perpetrators to walk away with their golden parachutes.

"Cutting spending" means trimming millions of dollars from the budgets of schools and hospitals while blowing billions on war.

"Energy independence" means $5-per-gallon gasoline. Soon to be $10-per-gallon.

"Freedom" means keeping big government off your back, unless you're gay. Or pregnant.

"Representative democracy" means vote-caging, scrubbed voter-registration lists, and rigged ballot-counting machines.

"Fairness" means the rich get it all and you get crumbs from their table.

"Government of the people, by the people, for the people" means that Republicans get to take as much money as they want and give it to their rich friends and supporters.

But "change" means we can do better than this.

Actually, that last bit must have come from a different dictionary. Pardonnez-moi.


dbackdad said...

Well put.

wunelle said...

Hear hear. Welcome to the new dark age.