Sunday, May 31, 2009

Past Lives

Pottery fragments. These we always leave back in place.

A room with a view.

Invisible from below.

Looking north.

This is a likely Hohokam site north of Phoenix and situated above a creek. One corner of it contains low wall wreckage that looks a bit to me like it may have been a storage bin for grain. Perhaps such a thing would be considered quite valuable and worthy of protection.

The Phoenix area is full of such sites, if one looks. The depth of history here is rather amazing.

When I was a child my 'rents sometimes took us kids to various historic sites. Fond memories for me, as I was and remain an inquisitive child. As a family we continue to do this, but we have kicked it up a notch and often explore unexcavated areas.

On the way home we bought jars of mesquite honey from a roadside vendor.

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