Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Rafter of Turkeys

I am on trial for my life. The courtroom is packed with onlookers and members of the media. From behind the desk at which I am seated with my lawyers, I look over at the jury box. The jurors are all dogs. I like dogs, and dogs like me.

I look forward to the day when Leonardo DiCaprio and John Cusack make a movie together.

I am a hospital nurse but due to the specialty nature of the unit I work on, I cannot much discuss some of the things that we do. Just the occasional interesting tidbit. For example, I recently had a patient who had been suffering from diarrhea. For months. The routine tests for such things as clostridium difficile were negative, but we kept sending the tests anyways. We switched around his tube feedings. We stopped these for awhile. Nothing seems to work. He did not have surgery on his digestive tract. I remain puzzled, but a devoted and attendant nurse. Lots of gentle cleansing and protective ointments for his raw skin areas. The patient has become really depressed, but I never give up.

In the wild, cats (Felis catus) do not "meow." They only do this in the realm of humans. Conversely, when I am in the wild I often struggle with the desire to meow and make gutteral hissing noises at birds and small woodland creatures. Which reminds me, today I have to refill the birdfeeder.

Tycho Brahe computed the procession of equinoxes as 51 seconds of arc per year. He didn't have a telescope because they hadn't been invented yet. The modern value is accepted as 50.23 seconds of arc. Not bad for a guy who lost the bridge of his nose in a duel. He wore a silver and gold fake.


been there said...

Filling the bird feeder for your inner cat sounds good.

WinnyNinny PooPoo said...

I am thinking of getting a gold and silver nose, even tho my own is perfectly fine. Seems like a statement!

wunelle said...

I'm on a Leo DiCaprio kick lately. I saw Inception and Body of Lies last week and now, last night, Shutter Island. He and John Cusack would make an intriguing team. (Maybe something with a bit part for Gene Hackman.)