Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Wisp of Snipe

A cat may look at a king. A particularly human-like cat may look at a mouse and think it a king.

I heard it explained this way: The singer was offering praises to his woman in long melismatic and rhythmically flexible melodic lines. The guitars and drums were percolating away. People danced. But the talking drum, that was literally another story, for it was saying to the singer's woman that the singer had been sleeping with her sister.

The criminalist dusted the crime scene and obtained fingerprint specimens. He then ran these through the computer system that catalogues the prints of other individuals. He finds that there is a match. The prints are those of god. However, fingerprints that match those of Mozart are also found on the scene, making certain conclusions impossible.

The warm desert air is perfect for drying clothes, and the smell of sheets dried out-of-doors is just wonderful. Jeans are stiff when you pull them down off the line but then they soften and cleave to your legs when you put them on.

How many times have you genuinely looked as hard as you could, yet you just couldn't see it? You may have nodded in agreement anyways. You wanted to remain friends. In fact, you are quite the "friendster."

Fiordiligi and Dorabella think they are going to marry Albanians! What a joke. Cosi fan Tutte.


been there said...

There is something about the equality I found interesting, be it God or criminal, the profound accident of warm sun drying clothes, the joke of pretense that something is there when there isn't.

WinnyNinny PooPoo said...

Having worked in corporate America, toadi-ism and The Emperor has No Clothes syndrome are rampant. Cynically I think people see a reflection of their own desires and ambition instead of a naked old man.